• Know more about the Types of Annotations Used in Research

    An annotation is a brief note that is written after the citation that is listed in the annotated bibliography. The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to mention the sources' main points and the related evidence. It summarizes the important points of the source and explains why it is pertinent and important to the topic at do my papers. Generally, annotated bibliographies are one concise paragraph but it can be longer if the points need detailed evaluation.


    There are various ways to write annotated bibliographies and it is important to know which one you are using. Is it that you are just summarizing the source or you are evaluating them? How the source is going to add value to the topic and influence your understanding. If you have not been instructed by your professor to follow a certain way, you are independent to follow anyone yet most students are instructed by their teachers to follow a certain method that complements the research. It is advisable not to resort to do my essay for annotation because it is highly risky if anything irrelevant or incredible is annotated that would ruin the whole research.


    Here are some of the types of annotation:


    Descriptive or Informative Annotation


    Descriptive annotated bibliographies as the name suggests, require summarization of the main points of the source. The aim is to let the reader know the salient point of the source. First, write the citation following the citation format i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago, etc., and down below write high quality papers the summary of the source.


    Critical/Evaluative or Analytical Annotation


    This type of annotation starts with a one to a two-paragraph summary of the source. Then evaluate its trustworthiness and usefulness. Discuss why and how the source is useful. Here are some of the questions that would help you analyze the source. Some of the questions would some of the questions at help i need to write an essay :


    § Who is the author? What are his/her propositions?


    § How the sources address questions related to your paper?


    § Who is the audience?


    § What is the credibility of the source, has this been cited in any literary work?


    § What is the conclusion and how the evidence supports it?


    § What is it that is missing in the source?


    § What are its strengths and weaknesses?


    § How are you going to use the source in your paper?


    § Tips about what kind of resources can be annotated:




    Books are a great source of research that provides very detailed and in-depth information on a topic. Books being lengthy and wide in scope cover all the aspects and analyze a topic from different lenses. An expert essay writer online of a book can further lead to different avenues of research as books contain a wide array of topics and aspects of a topic. They are also considered authentic and are used as a scholarly source of annotation. In addition, books are open to further research where you can find many new topics to discover.


    Scholarly Articles


    Scholars while conducting research heavily rely on scholarly articles from renowned journals rather than magazines. There are often known as peer-reviewed resources that present specific information on any topic. Unlike books, scholarly articles are specific and address only a single issue. These are written by scholars of a particular field and contain very insightful information. These research articles go through the process of peer-review before publication and once they are approved by other scholars and research only then they are published. Unlike, oessay writing where any consulted source can be cited, in annotation the source needs to be credible and reliable.


    News Articles


    News articles cover both current and historical aspects of research and are useful for both the researches. Though these are not peer-reviewed like scholarly articles yet these provide a snapshot of how a particular event was viewed and reported at a particular time at CollegeEssay